Our 10-year-old with autism has done So Magic for 3 sessions. He loves it! Sarah and The Circus Guy have taught him to do many tricks with cards and coins and disappearing and reappearing colors. He likes to show his tricks off and they guide him in working with all the kids in the class. He’ll be back for another session.
— Evan, Happy Father

You guys are Awesome!!

I didn’t even have to ask to see tricks ... as soon as she arrived home, without even taking off her coat, my daughter was opening her box to show me! She had a great time at So Magic!

Josh and Valerie were fantastic! Their philosophy and approach is uniquely different from other kids programs. My 7-yo son was super happy throughout the class and learned a great deal of social skills! Josh also writes a very detailed and personalized email after EVERY class, which is impressive. These reports helped me to know what my son does in the class and how he behaved. Very good! Highly recommended!
— Helen Q.

My son had so much fun with the magic tricks. He showed everybody around. It was a great way for him to learn how to engage with classmates and adults.

Thank you so much for your wonderful email updates. It is so helpful to know what my daughter did so we can engage her in a conversation about it! Love that she was a rock star!
— NYC Mom

Hi, Josh, Thank you for organizing a great final magic show and we get to witness how you encourage the kids and foster their confidence in self and appreciation of others. You are doing a great job! :)
— Happy Mom

Thank you so much for an awesome party!!! You guys outdid yourselves and we could not have been happier with the results! The girls had the BEST time and I think everyone else did too!!
— Alexis S.

My daughter loves these classes. She always comes home with games and art she made herself and is proud to share with us.
— Veronica