What To Expect


Who participates in SO Fun City activities?

All children! SO Fun City is an inclusive program for children ages 3-11 of all abilities. Sessions can be modified to accommodate any special needs. All programs were carefully crafted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to support the needs of all children.

What is Social Skills learning?

Our curriculum embeds social skills learning so that kids walk away with stronger communication, problem solving, teamwork skills and much more. In addition to social skills kids leave with new friendships.

How will I know what my child did in class?

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you involved in all the fun too! After every program, we send our SO Fun City email recap’s to all the parents. You will get an individualized email explaining all the fun activities your child did in class and the awesome social skills your child strengthened. This way, you can continue the conversation at home with your child, learn the rules of the games they created, or ask to see a new magic trick they just perfected.

Can my child’s therapist come to the class?

Yes, we welcome your therapist. Our goal is to eventually fade the extra support and work towards independence through activities and social skills.

Can I submit an idea for a SO Fun City class?

Of course! We love ideas, and welcome suggestions. We’ll try our best to make them happen.

Do you have any discount codes?

We sure do! We LOVE sharing discount codes with our members. We often send them out in our monthly newsletters or when we’re feeling happy. Be sure to subscribe to our list so you don't miss out on our discounts and special events!

Can we build a private SO Fun City group?

Absolutely! If you have enough participants interested in a class, we’re happy to put it in our schedule. If you would like to organize your own SO Fun workshop for you child and friends, send us a message using our contact form.

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