A Winning Formula…

STAFF become more confident.

Campers & Students have more skilled support.

Directors find a smoother, safer, & more marketable experience.

Training your staff for school or camp should be something everyone looks forward to. It’s a chance to learn from one another, share important insights, and bond. Our inclusive staff training seminars are interactive, informative and fun!

Developed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Our carefully crafted training sessions equip staff with tips, tricks, and tools to be effective on any team that works with children. During our 2 hour hands-on training session staff will learn about common behaviors seen in children, tactics to handle different children’s needs, and creative games to use in those “emergency” situations. We not only educate your staff, we empower and excite them through challenging team building games and situational role-plays.

Did we mention there are prizes and give-aways too? We make sure the learning and development continues even after we leave.