Social Fun For Everyone 


What happens when a circus guy meets a licensed behavior analyst?

Magic. Play. Games. And SO Much Fun!

We’re Josh and Sarah, an edu-tainment team who believes children, teens, and adults, learn best when learning is fun and everyone is included. We believe everyone is special, and some people may have more specialized needs than others. But, everyone benefits from super-special and super-personal social learning programs. In a world that sometimes feels limiting, we think that children, teens, and adults, deserve safe spaces to learn social skills to gain confidence, independence, and make friends. That’s why we created SO Fun City, inclusive social learning programs which incorporate magic, play, and games to develop social skills and friendships. We make socializing SO fun in a supportive, playful and positive environment. Through play, making new friends is fun and friendly. Through magic and games, people smile as they develop socially. In our SO Fun City community, every individual feels included in playing, socializing, and making new friends.

We make developing social skills and friendships SO fun for everyone.

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