We believe in inclusion and friendship.

Everyone is special and deserves the magic of play, fun, and friends. We believe playing and socializing is learning.

We promise to make developing social skills and friendships SO fun for everyone.


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Build teamwork. Build social skills. Build an inclusive community.

Is your school looking for a fun and enriching program that supports social skills development for your students?

Students of all ages often need extra support when it comes to developing social skills - initiating and maintaining conversations, problem solving, teamwork and more. SO Fun City programs are customized for the individual needs of your school community. We can create a weekly workshop for students in the classroom or as an after school activity.

Get in touch with us! Let’s explore how we can create a fun and enriching program to support your students and school community.

Strengthen friendships and create a supportive camp community this summer!

Are you looking for a way to bring campers together with fun and enriching camp activities?

SO Fun City programs have been a hit at many summer camps because we keep the focus on FUN! Campers will work together, participate in fun activities like learning magic tricks, and develop strong social skills while still being happy campers.

We’d love to visit your camp - get in touch with us! Let’s explore how we can create a program to support your campers and camp community. Programs can be customized to fit any camp schedule.


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