Pretend you’re on a warm beach this winter with homemade sand art!

Hi Parents!

We know you like sending your little ones to us for the messy projects to avoid a huge clean up at home but here is a messy recipe for your kids that you don’t need to be afraid of. 

Homemade Sand Art

First, make your colored sand. You’ll need 2 main ingredients:

1) Salt 
2) Colored Chalk

Yes, it’s that simple!

Ok, now for the steps…

  1. Pick which color chalk you’d like to use (this will indicate what color the sand becomes).

  2. Place full chalk in a ziploc bag (each color in its own bag).

  3. Pour salt in the bags (the amount of salt depends on what you’re trying to fill - you can always make more later if your do not have enough). 

  4. Zip bag closed and begin shaking the bag to color the sand with the chalk. Let your kids shake and roll (but try to avoid banging because that can cause holes and holes and sand do not mix well inside your home). Keep mixing until you have your desired color.

  5. Next, using a scoop and funnel, pour the colored sand (taking turns with the colors) into your desired container. You can use any jar or order fun ones from this site. Also, if you don’t have a funnel at home, just roll up a small piece of paper and create a homemade funnel.

If your child is doing this project with a friend or sibling, have them take turns holding the funnel for each other! This sand art is a perfect opportunity for turn taking, sharing, and giving compliments.

Have fun!

Chief Enrichment Officer

Sarah Dion